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8 Creative ways to use a shipping container

Shipping containers has always been used as transportation of cargo. Due to it being durable, portable, low cost and sustainable, recycled or new shipping containers can be modified into pretty much anything.

We have compiled a list of 8 creative ways you can use a shipping container…

  1. Shipping Container Homes: Living in a shipping container, means you can live anywhere on a low budget, and still stay in a modern setup. Because the containers are easy to modify, you can custom make it just as you like. Who said living simple have to equal a dull life?

Shipping Container Home




2. Shipping Container classroom: Placing container classrooms in rural areas are a great idea when building traditional schools are expensive. CIT Intermodal was fortunate enough to be involved in a R12m shipping container creche makeover in Bluedowns, Cape Town, South Africa. Have a look 😉

Creche shipping container




3. Shipping Container Swimming Pools: Rectangular shipping containers are the perfect shape for container swimming pools. A big plus is that your pool will be easier to clean due to its smooth surface.

Container swimming pool




4. Shipping Container Offices: With office space becoming more expensive each year…this one could save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Shipping container office




5. Portable Shipping Container Toilets: Perfect for construction sites due to its durability.

Container Toilets




6. Shipping Container Pop up or Spaza Shops: The spaza shops are commonly seen used in the townships due to low cost and easy setup. Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit by either renting a shipping container or buy a container and rent it to be used as a pop up shop.

Pop up shop




7. Emergency Hospital: Acts as a pop up clinic at sport events, or events with large amounts of people that may require first aid assistance. Contrary to tents, it’s perfect for all weather.





8. Restaurants and cafe’s:  Stylish restaurant or modern looking cafe, shipping containers just works in all spaces. We’ve seen this idea successfully implemented time and time again.

Container Cafe


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